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Basic Attacks vs Dice Loss (Updated to EotN/ZG)

AttackSuccessDamageAvg DamageRangeNReduced SuccessReduced AvgReductionN(Reduction)
1 sword0.333310.3333
1 sword0.333320.6666
1 sword0.333330.9999
2 sword0.555610.55561140.33330.33330.22233.1122
2 sword0.555610.55563100.55560.555600
2 sword0.555621.1112
2 sword0.555631.6668
3 sword0.703710.7037180.55560.55560.14811.1848
3 sword0.703710.7037210.70370.703700
3 sword0.703710.7037380.70370.703700
3 sword0.703710.7037410.70370.703700
3 sword0.703721.40741130.55561.11120.29623.8506
3 sword0.703721.4074220.70371.407400
3 sword 0.703732.1111
3 sword0.703732.1111210.70372.111100
1 axe0.510.5
1 axe0.521
1 axe0.531.5
2 axe0.7510.75
2 axe0.7521.51220.510.511
2 axe0.7521.5240.751.500
2 axe0.7532.251160.51.50.7512
2 axe0.7532.25210.752.2500
2 axe0.7543
3 axe0.87510.875
3 axe0.87521.75
3 axe0.87532.625120.752.250.3750.75
3 axe0.87532.625210.8752.62500
2 focus0.7510.75320.750.7500
2 focus0.7521.5320.751.500



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