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Special: Vassal

Decision: Should You Play Shadespire on Vassal? TL; DR: Yeah, it's pretty good - especially if you're in North America. Prologue Prior to picking up Shadespire, I played Legend of the Five Rings (the AEG version) for 20 years.  When FFG bought the game and rebooted it, I gave it a fair shake, and then decided to part ways with my oldest hobby.  A month before Gencon 2018, I decided to play Shadespire instead of L5R, and haven't put it down since. When I was playing L5R regularly, my playgroup traveled several times a year to play in large regional tournaments.  I had assumed this would be the case with Shadespire as well, but as most North American players can attest to - tournaments are pretty scarce in these parts.  (Whereas in England, you can't swing a soggy umbrella without hitting a Shadespire tournament). So, to keep up skill for the few tournaments I can attend ( SCO is next!), I started looking for ways to play online.  Luckily, a few wee

Cardiology: Curious Inversion

Decision: Should You Play Curious Inversion TL;DR: For Steelheart's Champions, it's a hard no .  Everyone else could consider playing it, but warbands with primarily dodge-based defenses (Reavers, Ghosts, etc) and/or primarily sword-based attacks (Godsworn Hunt, Eyes of the Nine, etc) will probably get the most mileage out of it.  Orcs, Dwarves, and Sigmarites should likely pass. Factor: Warband The first thing you should do when you are thinking about adding Curious Inversion to your deck is to analyze the degree to which it is likely to be helpful to you in any given situation.  For example:  Champions, Orcs, Fyreslayers, and Farstriders will always be trading shields for dodges if you use Inversion defensively, so it will only benefit you when used offensively.  On the other hand, Reavers, Guard, and Thorns will always trade dodges for shields, making Inversion significantly more likely to be useful at any given point in the game.  Offensively, most warbands h

Cardiology: Warning Shot

Decision: Should You Play Warning Shot? TL;DR: Do you shoot far and often?  If so, play this card.  Factor: Ranged Attacks First and foremost, if you are considering playing this card, you need to have access to range 3+ attacks.  You could play it out of any warband, and hope to snag enough range 3+ attacks with upgrades to make it work, but we would not recommend that.  You will only end up frustrated. With that in mind, we can safely say that non-Farstrider warbands from season 1 should not play this card.  Farstriders and Profiteers can easily play it, as every model they have has access to a ranged attack.  Eyes of the Nine (4/5 models) can also easily score this objective.  Mollog and Thorns are out, with no range 3+ base attacks (there's always Jabbertoad !).  That leaves Gitz, Cursebreakers, Godsworn, and Ylthari's in the maybe-zone. Gitz can probably make Warning Shot work, as they have 3/9 models with range 3+ attacks and those attacks relative lack