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Unpainted Minis: Caribou Lou

Decision: Should You Drink Caribou Lou at LVO? TL;DR: We're here for a good time, not a long time.
Factor: Let's start out simple: Caribou Lou is good.  However, as Mr. 9 states so eloquently here, "the only defect is waking up like 'what happened?'" So be responsible with it.  To that end, we want to figure out how to make the most Tech N9ne-accurate Caribou Lou on a smaller scale.  After all, we don't always need a gallon of booze.

First, we have to look at the proportions of the ingredients in the song:
Half a bottle of 151 RumA cup of Malibu RumFill the rest of the Jug with Pineapple Juice We're going to assume a gallon jug here, because that's what's widely available.  Also, having gotten a group of five L5R players (ie. functional alcoholics) extremely drunk off a gallon of Caribou Lou using this recipe, we're confident saying that even at the low relative strength created by using a gallon jug, this stuff will still more than meet you…