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Cardiology: Warning Shot

Decision: Should You Play Warning Shot? TL;DR: Do you shoot far and often?  If so, play this card. 
Factor: Ranged Attacks First and foremost, if you are considering playing this card, you need to have access to range 3+ attacks.  You could play it out of any warband, and hope to snag enough range 3+ attacks with upgrades to make it work, but we would not recommend that.  You will only end up frustrated.

With that in mind, we can safely say that non-Farstrider warbands from season 1 should not play this card.  Farstriders and Profiteers can easily play it, as every model they have has access to a ranged attack.  Eyes of the Nine (4/5 models) can also easily score this objective.  Mollog and Thorns are out, with no range 3+ base attacks (there's always Jabbertoad!).  That leaves Gitz, Cursebreakers, Godsworn, and Ylthari's in the maybe-zone.

Gitz can probably make Warning Shot work, as they have 3/9 models with range 3+ attacks and those attacks relative lack of accuracy can a…
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Cardiology: Upper Hand

Decision: Should You Play Upper Hand? TL;DR: The card's usefulness hinges entirely on it's unclear wording.  If rule that favorably, it's the best accuracy ploy in the game.  If we rule it unfavorably, it's a slightly sub-par accuracy boost that benefits from being a reaction, and may very much still be worth playing.  Probably just play it at this point, and be on the lookout for FAQ.
Factor: Accuracy Of course, the reason that you're considering playing Upper Hand is that you want to have more successful attacks - you want more accuracy.  On the most basic level, Upper Hand improves your accuracy on a single attack by the percentage below: