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Cardiology: Unfocused Blast

Decision: Should you play Unfocused Blast? Hat Tip to Katophrane Relic for the image!
TL;DR:If you are playing a deck (probably Cursebreakers or Eyes of the Nine) that focuses strongly on dealing damage in ways that don't allow for enemy defense rolls, Unfocused Blast provides an additional method bringing down enemy models and is probably worth considering.  If you're looking to splash a spell or two into an otherwise non-magical deck, this probably isn't the one for you. Prelude: DisclaimerThis card isn't released yet.  You probably shouldn't play it until it is.  Additionally, none of the other cards from this expansion are released, nor are the fighters.  The release of new cards and fighters may alter the usefulness of this card significantly.  This is simply a first look at the card on its own. Factor: Spellcasting Obviously, you need a Wizard to use Spells.  At the time of this article, three of the four Nightvault warbands have only a single level 2 Wizard.  Th…
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Cardiology: Distraction

Decision: Should You Play Distraction? TL;DR: Almost Certainly.
Factor: Opening and Closing Distance Perhaps the most obvious use of Distraction is to open or close distance between models.  Simply put, Distraction effectively increases the range of one of your attacks by 1, or decreases the range of your opponents' attack by one.  As we will find in many cases throughout this article, this effectiveness of Distraction here correlates directly with the skill of the player playing it; this effective change to range can be utilized either as a 1-time effect to set up a single attack or as a multiple use effect.  For example, if you use Distraction to push a model into charge range, you get to make one attack against that model that you wouldn't have been able to make normally.  However, if you use Distraction to push a model adjacent to one of yours, you may get to make several attacks that you normally would not have been able to make.  If we compare Distraction to, for example,…

Cardiology: Well Guarded

Decision: Should You Play Well Guarded? TL;DR: Yeah, probably.  High-model count warbands, especially those with good movement tricks, gain extra utility from Well Guarded, but it's relatively simple for anyone to score.
Factor: Warband Jumping off from our last article, we'll continue to look today at positioning objectives - ie. those that simply require some of your models to be in a specific place to score.  With Extreme Flank landing on the restricted list, it's almost certainly worth it to examine some other positioning options.  Well Guarded presents one good option for folks who are looking to add more positioning objectives to their deck without dipping further into the restricted list. 

Of course, the first thing you should consider when deciding whether or not to add Guarded into your deck is how well it works for your warband.  Warbands with higher model-counts and higher movement rates will find this objective significantly easier to score than smaller, slower …

Hex and the City: Skirting Danger

Decision: How Should You Place Your Board to Optimize Skirting Danger? TL;DR: Most of the time, choose Board #2 (from the images below).  If you're running a defensive long board setup, choose Board #10 instead.
Prelude: Warbands With Extreme Flank landing on the Banned and Restricted List, we thought it might be useful to examine another position-based objective: Skirting Danger. While it's certainly possible to question whether you should play Skirting Danger at all, that's not what we're going to be examining today.  However, some consideration must be paid to which warband you are playing before you go throwing this card in your objective deck all willy-nilly.

Where Extreme Flank rewarded large warbands, Skirting Danger is best used by smaller ones.  Each model you have to line up on an edge hex requires either A) a starting hex that's on the edge or B) actions to move your models.  Warbands with more than 4 models therefore require careful positioning or action…