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Cardiology: Steady Aim

Decision: Should You Play Steady Aim? TL;DR: Yes, Peanut. Factor: Base Attacks Let's start off by saying how good it is to have a Score Immediately objective that has the potential to be scored on every attack by every member of your warband.  Most objectives of this type require special positioning (Advancing Strike, Defensive Strike), a specific type of attack (What Armour, Headshot), a specific fighter (Victorious Duel, Obliterated), or additional actions to set up (Change of Tactics).  Many also require an enemy fighter to be taken out of action.  Steady Aim requires none of these things - it simply happens, regardless of the attack type, target, or success of the attack, if your dice happen to end up in the correct configuration. Beyond it's base appeal, Steady Aim has been handed to a warband that can score it quite easily.  The table below summarizes the likelihood of being able to score Steady Aim with a single base attack on any one of the Profiteers (g

Cardiology: Glory Multipliers

Decision: Should You Play Glory Multipliers? TL;DR: For most decks, no.  For some, highly specific decks (Keys, Tomes, Relics, and other such shenanigans), they might be beneficial, particularly if you're the big fish in a small pond. Prelude:  This week we're going to do things a little differently, in that we're looking at two cards for Cardiology.  Solid Gains and Great Gains can both be called "Glory Multipliers" because they both essentially do the same thing - reward you for gaining a certain amount of glory during a round.  Since the mechanics of scoring either card are the same, it's easy enough to examine them both at the same time; they differ only in magnitude. Factor: Investment vs. Return Compared to almost any other objective, the requirements on the Glory Multipliers are simple to achieve - gain X glory in any way.  However, we need to consider how well the reward matches the effort of these cards.  For example, killing 3 e