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Bottomdecking: Master of Mayhem

Decision: Should You Play Rewrite Master of Mayhem? TL;DR: No, you shouldn't play this card.  Yes, GW should reissue it with clearer rules text. Factor: Templating and Editing Master of Mayhem is certainly the worst written card in Shadespire; it may actually be the worst written card we've seen in a card game.  Initially, there was some discussion about whether the card could simply be played after your third action, no matter what it was.  While the card could certainly be interpreted in that way, we think that argument isn't exactly in good faith.  While the Ninth-grade Nepalese child who learned English by reading Ulysses that wrote this card certainly didn't do a good job at it, we do think he or she probably didn't intend it to simply be scored after the passage of a certain amount of time in the game. The real problem lies in the fact that the card uses language that is extremely unclear in describing what exactly triggers it's scoring.  N

Cardiology: Fated Blade

Decision: Should You Play Fated Blade? TL;DR:  If you'd like to rely on luck rather than proven statistical advantages to win (and lose!) games, you should run this.  If not, run one of the 3-hammer/2-damage attack-upgrades instead - or a 2-hammer/3-damage attack if your warband gets one.  Factor: The Rules Quandary There have certainly been some interesting takes on this card and the way it interacts with other cards.  If you'll excuse our bluntness, many of them are patently ridiculous.  No one knows how the card was "intended" to work except the GW people themselves, and the devs have been mum on its trickier interactions.  While there's certainly a chance that Fated Blade's poorly worded timing could convey additional benefits (some seem to think it should avoid Rebound, we disagree) or saddle it's user with additional burdens (can you use Twist the Knife? We don't know), we think the most reasonable course at this point in the develo

Bottomdecking: Paradox Armour

Decision: Should You Play Paradox Armour? TL;DR: In every new set, there will be some garbage .  This is it:  the Garbage. Prelude: Thanks to Michael C from Steel City Underworlds for suggesting I tackle this card in his article on neutral cards from the Thundrik/Ylthari set, which can be found here . Factor: Block Defenses Author's Note: Do not search "BDSM Orc" when looking for images for this section of the article. Unless Bonekutta is some kind of secret masochist who desperately wants his leather-daddy to hit him and pull his hair, this card is terrible for anyone using a block defense.  This is easy enough to work out without getting into too much math: you lose one side of the defense die as a success and you gain a different side as a success.  If this was an even trade, you'd still be foolish to pay a glory to make it, but - importantly - it's not an even trade, as you now also automatically fail any defense where your opponent rolls