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Cardiology: Momentary Madness

Decision: Should You Play Momentary Madness? TL;DR: We had high hopes, but alas...the answer is no. Intro: First Impressions If you're anything like us, your first impression of Momentary Madness was likely very positive.  "Wow," you mumbled around a mouthful of peanut-butter Clif Bar "that seems really good!"  But after a bit of actual play, you probably changed your mind, much like we did.  Peanut-butter Clif Bars really aren't that good, and neither was Momentary Madness.  One tricky thing about Madness is that it feels like it should be really good.  We think that can be attributed in part to the fact that you use your opponent's model to make the attack.  Does that really matter though?  Long answer: "Yes" with an "if."  Short answer: "No" with a "but." To keep things relatively concise, let's just hammer out the big points.  The fact that you attack with an opponent's model does m

Cardiology: Prized Vendetta

Decision: Should You Play Prized Vendetta? TL;DR:  Yeah, probably.  It's a solid accuracy booster against a single target.  Just don't drop Potion of Rage for it. Factor: The Ideal Let's start out by taking a very brief look at how good Prized Vendetta could be in a completely ideal situation: i.e. one in which you know ahead of time whether the roll you make is going to fail or not, and only reroll if you need it.  In that very idealized hypothetical, Prized Vendetta would increase your chance of hitting by the amounts given below: 1d 2d 3d 1b 2b 1g 1s 19% 15% 13% 17% 13% 15% 2s 25% 23% 20% 24% 21% 23% 3s 24% 25% 24% 25% 25% 25% 4s 21% 24% 25% 22% 25% 24% 1h 23% 19% 16% 21% 16% 19% 2h 24% 25% 23% 25% 24% 25% 3h 19% 24% 25% 21% 25% 23% Those are really good numbers. However, we have to remember that this is the best that Prized Vendetta can possibly be , and depends on you possessing a Cassandra-level ability to predict the future.  Fa

Bottomdecking: Fusillade

Bottomdecking: Fusillade TL;DR: You know, the Bottomdecking articles are really only entertaining for the (hopefully) funny bits below.  You already know not to play this card. Factor: Concept A man stands on a hill. He is wearing an impeccable tweed suit, but one leg of his pants is tucked into his sock, revealing that underneath his custom made Italian shoes he wears white Indonesian knock-off socks that say "Kobe #23" on them.  Slowly, a youthful female staffer from GW approaches the hill, struggling under the weight of a backpack full of rejected Bloodbowl models that she wears as penance for suggesting Strength of Schedule is a good way to run tournaments.  She brushes sweat-slick auburn hair from her eyes as she reaches the man, and hesitates for a moment before she talks. "Haver of Ideas, I need help." Her voice is tremulous and unsure.  "We need one more Objective card to complete the Power Unbound set.  But we are out of Ideas.  Please h