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Gonna be kinda busy for the next bit - picking up extra shifts in COVID containment area.   Sorry for the lack of content.

Cardiology: Wildform

Decision: Should You Play Wildform? TL;DR:  Unfortunately, this one probably isn't good enough.  And with only two warbands left to see the light of day in Season 3, it's probably not going to be good enough any time soon. Factor: What does it even do? This card is, admittedly, a little hard to get a handle on.  In it's most basic form, it gives you a chance to permanently increase the damage of your range 1-2 attacks, with the potential to grab some other bonuses.  Unfortunately, you're almost completely at the mercy of the dice as to which bonus you'll get: +1 move, +1 wounds, or +1 defense.  Assuming an unaugmented level 2 caster, your chances of getting each of the bonuses is as follows: 25% - +1 move 11% - +1 wounds 3%   - +1 defense The other 61% of the time, you're getting nothing.  Sorry.  Obviously, you can bump up the chance of success with other cards, but we'll have to see if that's worth your trouble later on.  One thing