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Cardiology: Vindictive Attack

Decision: (When) Should You Play Vindictive Attack?   TL;DR: Every Snarlfangs player should be playing this.  Try to use it early on Rippa if possible. Factor: First Things First Lets get things started on the right foot: you should absolutely be playing Vindictive Attack in your Snarlfangs deck.  You won't find another card at this time that gives +2 dice to an attack without a cost or drawback.  In some other warbands, you might pass on this card despite it's numerical superiority because it doesn't fit with your strategy, but that's not the case here.  If you're playing Snarlfangs, you're going to be making a lot of attacks. One caveat: you can't use Vindictive Attack to boost your Snarlfang's Jaws attacks.  That sucks .  The Snarlfang's Jaws attack would be the ideal attack to use this card on, if you could: low base accuracy and (relatively) high damage.  Using Vindictive on Snarlfang's Jaws would really give you the

Special: Four-Times Charge Aggro

Special: Four-Times Charge Aggro   TL;DR:  Aggro is dead - long live aggro! Introduction: Simpler Times When our playgroup participated in our first Grand Clash at Gencon 2018, we had no idea what to expect - after all, we'd only been playing the game about a month.  Aggro was king at the time;Great Concussion had effectively killed hold objective, and Michael Carlin's defensive style hadn't gained popularity yet.  Tim Casey - the eventual winner of the event - was playing aggro Magore, built on one simple principle: always charge . We were feeling nostalgic for the days of charging with every activation today and got to thinking about ways in which we could quantify the various warbands' ability to bring the aggro game.  So we're going to try something new with this article: we're going to make up some math.  Hopefully, in the end, we'll have something that somewhat accurately stratifies the existing warbands by aggro viability. For clarit